I. Basic Information
Cheng Jian, born in 1963, who majors in International Business Management, graduated from England (Cambridge) Ruskin University and International Business School of Hanzehogeschool and gained a double master's degree abroad(MsIBM). He has taught (Organizational Behavior and Marketing and so on) in Europe and USA for many years, serving as a guest professor and master tutor in the Netherlands and Germany.
Now he is Dean of International Education School of Hebei University of Economics and Business, professor and master tutor. In recent years, he mainly uses English as a working language in the teaching and scientific research and management work.
II. Major Field
International Business, International Business Management (International Marketing)
III. Courses Taught
Prof. Cheng has taught the courses of International Trade, International Business Management, Marketing Science Frontiers, Marketing (international), International Trade Theory and Policy, and Business Negotiation with full English and Chinese separately to undergraduate and graduate students. The courses of international business management and marketing science frontiers in full English are firstly open in our school.
He organizes and participates in Canada exchange-students' class, India EMBA class, economic and trade professional class of English-speaking African university. He is the tutor of more than ten postgraduates of international trade, among whom 2 are foreigners are taught in full English with master's degree in the first term.
In 2005 he created the course of International Business Management taught in full English. Since 2005 he has furthered improving curriculum content, specified teaching methods and means to promote the level of English- teaching in our university.
IV. Academic Research
Recently, Cheng Jian has undertaken 10 ministry and provincial scientific research projects, eight of which are presided over by him. And he has published over 20 research papers, two of which are written in English, more than 6 are core journals theses.
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